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This website aims to preserve and promote information on the Rootes Group and related companies including Singer, Sunbeam, Hillman, Humber, Commer, Karrier and others, and on the vehicles produced by them.
For some of these documents there are few copies remaining. In some other cases – some magazines printed on low quality paper – the copies are deteriorating. In other cases the material is interesting but not easy to track down as for example ebay sellers of magazines often give few or no details of the magazine contents.

The earlier PDFs here are annoyingly large and not text searchable. Hopefully I’ll rectify that sometime.

I thought that more recent PDFs were text searchable but I’ve come to realise that the software I’m using – ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Sprint – has often been putting a space between each letter eg H i l l m a n M i n x rather than Hillman Minx … which isn’t terribly useful. I hope to find a solution soon.


Having foolishly spent bucketloads of dosh on old car magazines and other publications, I’m attempting to justify my profligacy by putting my hoard to some use.

I own a Series Minx and a Series Super Snipe, neither of which are working. Both were being restored, but the chap doing the Minx was dodgy, so now I’ve got a painted shell and most of my parts. Hopefully the Super Snipe will be ready soon. Meanwhile, I’m running out of the bank’s money.

I can be contacted at admin@rootesandrelated.com

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